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Jillian Kirsch

Jillian Kirsch

Jillian joined the Edge team in November 2019. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a major in Cognitive Studies and minors in Corporate Strategy and Math. At the intersection of these disciplines, Jillian is fascinated by the psychological forces that drive organizations and the strategic decisions they make. Jillian is currently working with her colleagues to uncover those drivers and communicate clear, actionable insights to clients.

She is currently applying her skills to better understand the worker mindset of those employed in the Gig economy. She also assists on qualitative and quantitative efforts for several nonprofits, including the American Red Cross and Learning Heroes, and she conducts quality control checks on research instruments and subsequent analyses.

While she enjoys taking barre classes and doing puzzles (of both the jigsaw and crossword variety), Jillian spends the majority of her free time petting dogs.

Contact: Kirsch@edgeresearch.com