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Below are examples of media coverage for clients, including the results of surveys they commissioned with Edge.
General News

Edge Research Releases Global Study on Yoga Standards for Yoga Alliance

September, 2018 In the Fall of 2017, Yoga Alliance announced the launch of its Standards Review Project, a comprehensive and inclusive review of  yoga teaching standards. One of many important data collection tools for this project includes a global survey conducted earlier this year. More than 12,000 yoga professionals and practitioners, members and non-members from...
General News

Third-Party Remote Access: Challenges for Enterprises and Technology Vendors

August, 2018 Data breaches and compromised customer PII are making headlines and causing headaches for businesses and consumers alike. As threats increase, enterprises must take the necessary steps to proactively and pre-emptively protect against these intrusions. Edge Research, in a study with SecureLink, sought to understand how enterprises perceive the risks that come with network...
General News

Developing Life Skills in Children: A Road Map for Communicating with Parents

June, 2018 Research shows that children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development are deeply intertwined, like the strands of a rope, and come together to create successful adults. To help educators understand how parents feel and talk about the development of these skills in their children, and the role they see for schools and after-school...