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We have been actively expanding in the education space over the last few years, working with a range of colleges and universities, independent schools, online education providers, and thought leaders. We are constantly in the field talking to students, parents, faculty, college counselors, admissions officers, and administrators as they navigate the rapidly changing education landscape.

WallaceSocial and Emotional Learning: Feedback and Communications Insights from the Field

Edge recently collaborated with the Wallace Foundation to explore the linguistic landscape of terms used to describe non-academic skills, otherwise known as social and emotional learning.

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Non-Profits, Associations, & NGOs

Edge is passionate about helping non-profits with their unique challenges — donor development and retention, public education, advocacy, and service delivery. We have made a commitment that at least 30% of our business annually is in the non-profit sector, but we incorporate the latest approaches, tools, and technologies that come from serving Fortune 1000 companies.

PackardAmerican Millennials: Cultivating the Next Generation of Ocean Conservationists

Edge Research partnered with the David & Lucile Packard Foundation to conduct new research on American Millennials’ attitudes towards oceans, ocean conservation, and pathways for engaging this next generation of ocean leaders.

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mda1MDA: We All Live Unlimited

To support MDA’s Live Unlimited Campaign, Edge partnered with the organization on a national survey about what it means to “Live Unlimited.” Live Unlimited is a new movement that inspires all of us to transform our perceived limits into unlimited possibilities to live life to the fullest. It was inspired by the strength and of MDA families who are defying limits every day.

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