Over 10 years we helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. Onum is a values-driven SEO agency dedicated.


Leave the stats and analysis to us. Working in partnership with you, we’ll get to know your world and your specific objectives, and then develop a tailored research approach. We provide partner-level attention throughout the process and deliver reports that tell a clear, actionable story and embolden your organization to make data-driven business decisions.

We help clients of all sizes uncover the insights needed to make their products and programs successful. Let us design the right approach for you.

Our services include:

ImmersionIMMERSION: The more time we spend up front to understand your organization, your audience, and your business objectives, the more effectively we can serve you. Our “immersion sessions” can take on many forms, depending on your culture and needs. They can include several days of face-to-face meetings with key stakeholders or just a video call to brainstorm and solidify the research plan.

QualitativeQUALITATIVE RESEARCH: In this era of “Big Data,” watching and listening to your target audience has become more important than ever. Qualitative research humanizes and uncovers the “why” behind the numbers. Whether it is to inform messaging, gut check a potential new market, or understand a purchase decision, it is vital to watch and hear how targets think and feel in their own terms. Qualitative research has evolved tremendously in the last decade, and we believe in designing and activating the right methodology to maximize authenticity and insights. We offer a range of traditional and innovative methods tailored to the audience, question, and problem to solve.

QuantitativeQUANTITATIVE RESEARCH: From tracking your brand to developing targeted messages, from understanding your customer base to discovering new audiences, quantitative research brings your planning into focus. It offers scope and scale, telling you who and how many will respond to your brand, product, or cause. Utilizing a range of quantitative research tools  telephone or online surveys, driver analysis, and segmentation, to name a few  we will construct the study that is right for you. We will employ sophisticated survey design and analytical techniques to get underneath the data, uncovering insights on how your target audience thinks and feels, and how that impacts the bottom line. Our goal is to make meaningful connections between the data and your objectives, informing your business strategy in a way that all stakeholders in your organization can get behind.

Point-SessionsPOINT SESSIONS: How do you turn insights into action? We designed these sessions to help develop strategies that are on point, get to the point of activation, or identify the tipping point from the research. Given our intimate knowledge of the research findings and your business goals, we have a unique perspective and the facilitation skills necessary to lead your team through the immediate next steps that stem from completing the research process. Point sessions engage and empower participants and maximize the value of their time. Most importantly, they ensure that the research serves as a springboard for future efforts and that the team has a clear path to success at the session’s conclusion.

No matter where you are and where you want to go, we will help you develop the solutions you need to move forward.