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October, 2020

What is the ideal relationship between brand and strategic plan? How can taking an integrated approach make your organization more efficient, more effective, and more resilient following the COVID pandemic?

Springboard Partners and Edge Research work with nonprofits on their brands and strategic plans all the time – Springboard from a facilitation and development perspective, and Edge from a market research perspective. We surveyed more than 300 nonprofit leaders during June and July 2020 to assess their strengths and struggles. Despite investing massive amounts of time and effort, more than 70% are not confident that they have a clear, well-defined brand or a timely, relevant strategic plan. Many nonprofits in the field are missing a critical opportunity to use their core identity to create a stronger strategic plan, and ultimately, more impact on the issues they care about.  Download the report to find out more about what we learned and what it means for your organization.